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SEE it ... BELIEVE it ... HAVE it!

“Unleash The Awesome Power Of Creation
Lurking Just Beneath The Surface
Of Your Conscious Mind...”

‘Enriching Visions’ – the same self-administered brain-conditioning life-enhancing technology that took the transformational field by storm, exciting experts everywhere, and empowering anyone to bring about massive positive change in their lives, and create a life rich with all your heart’s greatest longings...

...has just gotten even BETTER!


So if you have ever had difficulty in “attracting, “manifesting”, or “creating” a life in line with your deepest values, greatest dreams, and loftiest goals ... then I hope you’ll pay very close attention as you read through this admittedly lengthy (but important) letter.

Because you’re about to discover the most powerful tool on the planet for achieving practically anything you might dream of having, doing, or being. (And for a very limited time, you can even experience it at a whopping 78% SAVINGS!)

Just look at the amazing results users around the world are enjoying:

  • Sleeping better – more restfully, and straight through the night...
  • Finally losing weight they’ve struggled with for years...
  • Having an easier time exercising...
  • Saving money, and making wiser investment decisions...
  • Getting a promotion at work, that was previously just a long-held hope...
  • Finding the person of their dreams to spend the rest of their life with...
  • Becoming a much better mother or father, or a more loving spouse...
  • Escaping from the brink of financial ruin...
  • Landing a significant business contract...
  • Suddenly finding themselves with time to relax...
  • Getting through difficult, painful periods with ease and grace...
  • Eliminating negative thoughts and focusing on what you truly want in Life...

...and the list goes on and on – practically anything your heart may desire. (Be sure to read the comments from other users further down this page!)

But once upon a time ... things weren’t this perfect

Perhaps you may have heard about the original Enriching Visions technology:

It was such a big hit with both users and experts in the personal transformation field because it almost instantly solved so many of the common hurdles we face when trying to make massive, positive changes in our lives.

For example, if you’ve ever worked with vision boards, or any other form of “visualization practice”, you already know about the limitations and difficulties inherent in most of the “traditional” methods:

Vision boards are static, purely visual, and not particularly “engaging”.

They are also a LOT of WORK! Pouring over magazines, clipping out pictures, fastening them to a bulletin board or sheet of cardboard ... and then of course, finding somewhere to hang it – not “out of the way” mind you, but some place where you’ll actually see it throughout your day.

A definite step in the right direction but...

More recently, there has been software available on the market allowing you to make your own motivational slideshows or fancy animated keynotes which are basically like moving vision boards ... often with the option of adding your own music track. 

But these are generally quite difficult to work with.

Sure, they have the advantage of being “digital” so you can view them on your computer any time you’d like. And they certainly don’t take up precious wall space in your home. So that older technology was at least a step in the right direction.

But you still had to go through a lengthy process of selecting your own photos or other images, generally online unless you wanted to scan them all onto your computer ... you’d have to find your own music ... and some of these products require you to be pretty darned “tech savvy”.

Even then, most people have no clue which images are the most “resonant” with their higher selves (and deeper levels of consciousness), and the most conducive to realizing your goals. 

Some pictures are simply more effective than others in elevating your belief levels, inciting passion, and attracting the creative forces to you.

Of course, there's another very important factor – TIME. It can take considerable time and effort to create your own “digital slideshow” ... and most people who start end up giving up long before they’ve reached the end of the process!

How do you say...

And finally, if you ever wanted to include affirmations in your digital slideshow, you had to write your own, somehow make each one into an “image”, and then add it to your “production”. But again ... most people have no idea how to word them most effectively. Here’s what I mean...

Many people wanting to lose weight will write an “affirmation” along the line of: “lose my excess weight.” Unfortunately, this merely affirms that they ARE fat now ... and suggests they’re having trouble becoming “not fat”.

The more effective way to express this would be: 

“I am at my perfect weight, fully energized, and it feels incredibly great!”

And even those who already understand the need for stating everything in the positive and the present ... usually don’t realize there are some words that are simply far more powerful than others. That is...

They impact the brain in a deeper, more emotionally-charged way. (And “emotion” after all is the jet fuel that powers the Law of Attraction, drawing the attention of the universe to the objects of your focus.)

The end result is that most people end up creating a wishy-washy “digital slideshow” that never actually works for them – IF they ever got it finish making it. And that’s a crying shame! 

Enriching Visions overcame these limitations by doing all the hard work for you. Our team of experts in the field pored over thousands of images to find those with the highest vibrational values. We wrote affirmations for you, based on the latest research into Positive Psychology. 

And then we built them all into a powerful visualization technology that immediately began getting rave reviews like these:





And yet...

We always knew we could make it even better

Just imagine if you could create a customized-for-you creative visualization video that:

  • Covers all areas of Life ... but places SPECIAL EMPHASIS on those areas most important to YOU
  • Incorporates THOUSANDS of high-vibration images (or even tens of thousands, if you’d like!)
  • Includes photo’s of YOU ... along with friends and family members, all partaking of those activities you’d like to spend even more time enjoying
  • Uses the proven principles of “Positive Psychology” to generate the most POWERFUL affirmations possible
  • Has proven time and again to speed up the attraction, manifestation, and creation of a better life for those who use it regularly
  • Takes mere minutes (or even LESS!) to produce and start using

Well, now you can...

Introducing “Enriching Visions PLUS!
The quantum leap in creative imagery technology that delights your mind, and blows all other personal transformation methods away

Don’t get me wrong! 

All these older methods can be effective ... and have in fact been used successfully by countless people through the years to achieve far more in Life than they might have otherwise. But they only go so far...

...and for many of us – those who have a harder time “getting out of our own way” – these strategies just don’t go far enough.

(I’m assuming that, if you’re here now, looking for a more effective way to manifest a life of your own choosing ... what you’ve tried in the past just hasn’t cut it for you, isn’t that right?)

So why put up with these out-dated limitations ... if you don’t have to?

With regular use, Enriching Visions PLUS can...

  • Improve mental focus and creativity
  • Build Belief and Faith
  • Aid in feeling grateful for whatever you have, rather than feeling resentful of what is “missing”
  • Help connect you with the attraction and manifestation forces of the universe
  • Boost your spirit and increase your experience of pure Joy

...and so much more – in fact, many users begin noticing these improvements within days!

Enriching Visions PLUS allows your “other-than-conscious” creative mind to play at full power ... attracting, manifesting, or creating anything you can imagine! 

And whether you prefer to believe that you “attract” energies from “out there” which then “manifest” into what you’ve been dreaming of...

...or that your dreams, beliefs and emotions work together to unconsciously align your efforts and guide you to doing exactly those things which lead to their successful achievement...

...really doesn’t matter, now does it?

All that’s important is that it works! Your mind has the power to provide you anything you truly desire with all your heart.

When it comes to designing your future couldn’t be any easier!

Honestly, it just doesn’t get any easier than this...

Enriching Visions PLUS is built up around a central core of “Universal Visualizations” ... to which you can add images and affirmations targeted specifically to those areas of your life you’d like to put special emphasis on.

And you can do it as easily as clicking a button!

These universal visualization elements apply equally to all lives ... covering such areas as abundance, money, the environment, physical and mental health, diet and nutrition, family life, friendships, and romantic relationships...

...and are often “unrecognized” yet critical prerequisites for achieving those loftier goals that take center stage in our conscious minds. Including them as the base upon which your custom visualization is built saves you having to choose them out individually.

This step we take on your behalf also ensures you don’t miss one of those grander goals because something was missing from your foundation. (“Building castles in the sky” is perfectly acceptable ... provided you’ve got a strong enough foundation beneath them!)

I really thought I knew what was best...
(aka: How I almost “shot myself in the foot”!)

Hi, I’m Kim Serafini – Sports Therapist ... corporate Change Management Consultant ... creator of the internationally-popular Lithos Therapy massage system of heated and chilled marble “rock” instruments, used in exclusive spas worldwide ... best-selling author of the “i am gr8ful” books...

...and developer of Enriching Visions PLUS – the life-changing creative visualization tool that takes “vision boards” and “digital slideshows” to a whole new level of effectiveness, ease of use, and sheer enjoyment!

Using the most highly-sophisticated cutting-edge technology, Enriching Visions PLUS assists the “manifestation process” by changing your subconscious belief system, your attitude, and your alignment with those energies powering the Law of Attraction.

Life can be a breeze, sweetheart...

It can help you breeze through problems more easily & quickly, and experience more serendipity and synchronicity in your daily life.

Here’s an example of what I mean by an “unrecognized critical prerequisite” to achieving a particular goal ... and how this one design element saved me from sabotaging my own success:

When I began experimenting with the first version of Enriching Visions, I was almost exclusively focused (consciously, anyhow) on changing my financial situation, or rebuilding my business, because I honestly thought this was what I most desperately needed in my life.

But I had so many images in my visualization depicting a lovely romantic relationship ... that a “soul-mate relationship” is what I ended up attracting first. The strange thing is...

Once I was happily involved with a wonderful partner who shared so many of my own ideals, and strongly supported my goals, THAT is when things finally started kicking into high gear in all other areas of my life ... including business and finances!

...but “someone” knew better than me!

I firmly believe it’s because “God” or “the Universe” knew all along what would be MOST fulfilling, healing, nurturing, and necessary for ME at the time.

...and that everything else (including those financial issues I THOUGHT were most important) would just naturally flow from there. (Yes, they did. Thanks for asking.)

Additionally, because we don’t necessarily know what's in the BEST long-term interest of our higher selves ... by including at least a little coverage for all areas of your life, you remain open to the Universe delivering exactly what you need, exactly when and where you need it.

Although I won’t go into my entire “rags-to-riches” story here, I can honestly tell you this much:

My success in Life (business, relationships, finances – everything!) revolves around the one central theme of establishing and practicing a regular daily “attitude of gratitude”. And I wouldn’t be where I am today without Enriching Visions. (I actually developed the initial version as a tool for my own use ... but soon realized, as the incredible results continued piling up, that I simply HAD TO share this with the world!)

And because everyone’s life should come with a soundtrack...

As I mentioned before, images alone – although certainly beneficial to a point – are nowhere near as emotionally-involving as when they are enriched with the right music - music that incorporates brainwave entrainment science

That’s why we've added an amazingly beautiful and inspiring soundtrack, custom-composed exclusively for Enriching Visions PLUS by Paul Hoffman of Success Songs. Paul Hoffman's involvement with our technology came about through our connection with Paul Scheele. An especially powerful and yet additional component to Enriching Visions PLUS was born from the collaboration between these two remarkable men.

You see, Paul Scheele is one of the world's most highly respected leading experts on accelerated learning, neuro-linguistic programming and pre-conscious processing. If anyone really understands how to work with the power of the MIND - it is Paul Scheele. His genius inspired Paul Hoffman in the creation of this sound technology. 

Paul Hoffman is the highly-creative artist who has been composing and producing music for internationally acclaimed speakers, best-selling authors, Fortune 500 corporations, films, television, commercials, and radio for over 25 years. In fact, Paul Hoffman has created original works for such luminaries as Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker, John Assaraf, and so many more.


Integrating Paul Scheele's MIND-POWER knowledge, Paul Hoffman's music truly has the power to raise your awareness and emotions to a much higher level, and I consider it a tremendous honor having both Paul Scheele and Paul Hoffman collaborating on Enriching Visions PLUS with us.

Finally, even pictures and music, by themselves, cannot produce the greatest transformational results for you. We may THINK in pictures ... but we also need substantiating WORDS to “back up” those pictures. 

So, scattered among the high-vibrational photographs, your visualization “video” also includes many positive, uplifting, and reaffirming statements proven to align the creative powers of the universe with your dreams and goals.

Positive statements, positive music, and positive images – together they make Enriching Visions PLUS positively unbeatable for creating a life of your choosing.

It’s customization without the confusion!

So when you DO want to customize, or “personalize” as I prefer to say, your Enriching Visions PLUS video, all you do is check off the categories (and sub-categories) you want included.

Then the software chooses out appropriate affirmations and images for that area of Life (from the 6,000 plus in our library ... and the dozens being added every day). 

If you would also like to write and add your own affirmations, it couldn’t be easier!

Simply type them into the box provided, and the Enriching Visions PLUS software chooses a font and background color ... then drops your affirmation into the rotation of images in your visualization.


You’re done.

HOT TIP: Here’s a quick and easy way to multiply the power and effectiveness of your affirmations: For example’s sake, let’s say you want to become more kind (or perhaps just more aware that you already are kind). You might begin by using affirmations saying, “I am KIND!” 

Now here’s how you multiply the effect: Whenever you “notice” yourself doing anything “kind”, say to yourself, “SEE? I really AM kind!”

This is precisely the sort of thing you might do with a child suffering from a self-image problem, to help them see the real value in themselves. And it can work just as well, doing it with yourself!

No matter what area of your life you’d like to emphasize, we’ve already pre-selected enough high-vibrational images and affirmations to have you covered ... and we’re adding more every month!

Nonetheless we’ve gone the extra mile with Enriching Visions PLUS ... giving you the power and freedom of even uploading your own photo’s ... whether of loved ones, locations you’d like to visit, the car you’d like to drive, a mountain cabin you’d love to build, your head pasted-on to the body you’d like to have...

...literally any photo’ that resonates with you!

Safe – and effective – at ANY speed...

Want to know the really cool thing about the visualization videos you make?

No matter how many images and affirmations you include, you needn’t watch at the “default” playback speed – instead, you can “dial-in” how long you want it to run, depending on how long you have for watching.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Let’s say, at the default player speed, your movie would take an hour to run through.

Well, you don't have to watch for an hour. You can watch for 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes or less ... simply by typing in the run-time that suits you. Then your video will play either more quickly or slowly, to fill the designated time.

You don’t lose anything in the shorter durations – the only difference is the speed at which your visualization plays. Watch it for 5 minutes and you're seeing everything you'd see if you watched it for 60; it's just faster.

And because we have the capacity to learn in super-fast fashion, and absorb thousands of rapid-fire images & messages (they still register on our brains, no matter how quickly they flash by)... 

Your Enriching Visions PLUS visualization remains powerfully effective at producing long-term changes in your beliefs, attitudes, and achievements even at the higher speeds. 

So ... once the software has done its thing (which takes only a matter of seconds, usually) you’re ready to watch on your desktop, laptop, or even your mobile device (such as an iPod, or iPhone).

Yes, that’s right...

Wherever you go, whenever you need it,
Enriching Visions PLUS can be right there with you...

...whether you’re waiting at an airport lounge, sitting in your hotel room ... or even pulled over in a highway rest stop before a big sales meeting! 

(You might choose to make one very long video incorporating all your areas of interest ... or several shorter – and admittedly easier to digest – ones. I would certainly recommend making several. You might even have separate movies to help you get through certain specific situations. As a registered user of Enriching Visions PLUS, you’re free to make as many visualizations as you’d like for yourself.)

Enriching Visions PLUS is perfect for anyone who is super-busy (aren’t we all?) because it takes no time at all to put your movie together ... and it gets to work immediately! 

  • No time wasted trying to “learn the technology”...
  • No time wasted studying what sort of images and affirmations are most “resonant”...
  • No time wasted finding and piecing together the various elements: images, music, and affirmations!

...because all the “hard work” is already done for you! 

Imagine being able to select the area of yoru life and make your own video in less than a minute... and if you want to add your own photos and affirmations or as we like to call them Positive Personal Self-Fullfilling Prophecies it woudl only tkae a couple of more minutes!

It’s equally ideal for anyone who thinks they’re “lazy” ... because a person just can’t help being inspired to TAKE ACTION ... and once you begin seeing some solid results, why would you ever want to let up? As Anthony Robbins says:

“There are no lazy people – only uninspired goals.”

If you’ve ever been one of “those people” in the past ... the sort who was inclined to say, “Yeah, I would LIKE to achieve that ... BUT...”

Then get ready to amaze yourself with what you’re really capable of!

You might not believe all the “extras” waiting for you...

Right now, we’re in the “launch phase” of the revolutionary new Enriching Visions PLUS ... having finished making all the improvements recommended by our “beta test group”.

I just can’t wait to start hearing all the stories of lives being changed by using this technology. I want to hear yours, too! In fact, I want to hear thousands of these heart-warming success stories – HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS even!

And to my way of thinking, there’s no better way to get this groundswell happening ... than making you such a drop-dead irresistible offer that anything other than jumping all over it simply wouldn’t make any sense to you.

So in addition to a totally insane “introductory” deal on the program itself ... I also have a few “extras” for you.

First of all...

When you sign up with Enriching Visions PLUS during our 10-day launch period (if you’re reading this, there is still time) I’m going to send you – no matter where in the world you live...

A FREE Limited Edition soft cover copy of my best-selling book “i am gr8ful for YOU”. And get this – I’m personally autographing and inscribing it to you, or anyone special you’d like to present it to! 

This book has been receiving tremendous reviews like the following:


Praise for “i am gr8ful for YOU”...

“Kim Serafini has created an astonishing book of inspiration ... which couples fabulous photos and artwork with timeless affirmations. It would be a splendid present for anyone, no matter how young or old! Live in the light of this book and live a happier, healthier, longer and flourishing life.”

- Prof Stephen G Post
Wall Street Journal best-selling author of “The Hidden Gifts of Helping”. President, The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love.

“Kim Serafini's book is a little oasis of true spirit and generosity. As you look through these pages, the powerful messages and photography will lift your spirit, sing in your heart, and open your mind to what it truly means to be grateful. This little book is what is needed to bring joy, gratitude, and hope into our world today. I highly recommend ‘i am gr8ful for you’.”

- Deirdre Hade
Spiritual Visionary. Founder, Radiance Healing and Radiance Meditation

“How often do we think of telling someone how much they mean to us, and how grateful we are that they are in our lives ... but for one reason or another we don’t. Then something happens and we say, ‘If only...’ Well, I’m getting a copy of ‘iamgr8ful for you’ for EVERY person I am grateful for, writing a note, and tucking it inside on the page that most represents who they are for me. When they get to the page, they’ll have such a happy surprise!”

- Debra Poneman
Founder, Yes to Success Seminars. Best-selling author of “Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul”

I just know you’re going to love “i am gr8ful for YOU” ... because of all the love that went into it, and all the loving messages I get from readers around the world.

But that’s not all you’re getting with your Enriching Visions PLUS – not by a long shot! 

They say 50,000 people can’t be wrong!

As impressive as Enriching Visions PLUS is on its own, the transformational power is literally MULTIPLIED when you take full advantage of everything offered in The iamgr8ful Club!

That’s why you’re also getting... entire year’s membership at the all-inclusive GOLD PASS level, absolutely FREE!

Yes, I’m definitely going all out to ensure your rapid success at achieving anything you truly desire. And with more than 50,000 worldwide, the incredible popularity of The i am gr8ful Club is testament to its effectiveness – loud and clear. 

The i am gr8ful Club helps you not only define your ideal life but also begin experiencing it as quickly as possible. Through the power of gratitude, The Club helps you achieve YOUR vision of success ... far more quickly than you likely would on your own.

Gratitude – the KEY to a richer life!

At its most basic, gratitude is simply saying “Thank you”. 

But expressing gratitude EFFECTIVELY goes way beyond this basic explanation. This simple yet very powerful emotion is literally the KEY to achieving and living the life you want, the life you truly deserve – the life of your dreams!

Gratitude truly has the power to change your life. And while it's easy to feel grateful when things are going well ... the real power of gratitude lies in keeping you moving forward even when you're facing challenges and struggles.

When gratitude permeates your being, becoming an integral part of who you are, and your daily routine ... that's when you gain the power to create your ideal life – the one you've always dreamed of and truly deserve ... even if you don’t fully believe it yet.

Gratitude – living, breathing, shout-it-from-the-rooftops gratitude – gives you the power to choose the kind of life you live!

When you can combine pure heartfelt Gratitude (even for those things you don’t immediately see the value in) ... with Acceptance of who and where you are right now, and an unwavering Faith in the idea that things will always get better if you don’t somehow “get in the way”...

Then there is absolutely no stopping you!

...and The i am gr8ful Club could be YOUR key to Gratitude!

The i am gr8ful Club is specifically designed to help boost the level of gratitude you feel throughout the day, keeping those pathways open between you and the objects of your desire, all lined-up, waiting for delivery.

Together, Enriching Visions PLUS technology and The i am gr8ful Club help tune in your “emotional radar”, locking it on to your goals and dreams, guiding your goal-seeking navigational system, and controlling your “achievement auto-pilot”.

It’s like having a GPS homing in on the attraction and manifestation powers of the universe – only THIS one is a “Gratitude Positioning System”

The i am gr8ful Club achieves all this by giving you 24-hour a day, 7-day a week access to world-class personal development coaching.

In this age of never-ending bombardment by negative or manipulative messages, we all need to train our brain to “think positively” in spite of that constant deluge ... so you develop and maintain a habit of taking positive, purposeful actions.

Listen again ... and again ... and again

Most of us also need to hear the same message repeated in a variety of ways, from a variety of speakers, over a period of time, before it “sinks in” and we really get to absorbing it on a deeply personal level. (At least, that’s always been the way for me!)

We need to exercise our belief systems, our emotions, and our attitudes on a regular basis ... much like a good “maintenance exercise program” for your body.

And just as your time in the gym can be made much more effective with the help of a “personal trainer” – helping you do the right exercises in the right way – so too can your “success training” produce far greater results, more rapidly, and with less effort, when you get that training from our Club Coaches.

Of course, no one coach is best suited to helping “everyone”...

That’s why we have so many here at The i am gr8ful Club, for you to choose from. In fact, we already have more than 60 – all leading experts in the personal development and transformational fields. 

...and we're adding another 60 in the next few months. And 100 more next year!

We’ll serve no Coach before their time...

Of course, I’m fully aware of the over-abundance of “wanna-be experts” out there. And they’re not all worth spending your precious time listening to. You’d probably appreciate having one “trusted authority” you can turn to for very best leaders and visionaries in the self-help/personal improvement/transformation field – the cream of the crop, the best of the best.

That’s why every one of our coaches is chosen and interviewed only AFTER we've read their materials, listened to them speaking, used their programs, and benefited from noticeably positive results in our own lives... 

We also ask around and “verify” their claims ... digging deep into their messages and their reputations, the authenticity of their claims ... and only once we’re perfectly satisfied they’re “the real deal” do we allow them into The Club to coach YOU. 

But live events are great! Aren’t they?

I’m sure you appreciate the many benefits of attending live events and listening to a variety of personal-development experts speaking to you from stage. But of course, there IS a downside...

How many times have you attended a conference, seminar, or workshop ... spending THOUSANDS on your registration fees, hotel room, and travel expenses ... only to return home and almost immediately begin forgetting what had gotten you so excited while there? Or perhaps the trip wears you out so much that you can hardly stay awake through the constant parade of speaker after speaker, no matter how keen you were about listening to them?

Of course, there’s always the chance that, after travelling all that way, and spending all that money and time, the speakers never actually addressed the issues you were most interested in.

Well, it’s never a problem at The i am gr8ful Club!

Here you have access to fabulous content many people spend tens of thousands of dollars a year to get “live”, presented by the same speakers appearing at those high-priced seminars ... for a fraction of the cost, none of the travel, and far more conveniently too.

Now you can just sit at home, in the comfort of your favorite chair ... instead of sitting in stuffy auditoriums, meeting rooms, and airport waiting areas. THESE speakers are here whenever you need them!

Here’s just a sliver of what you’ll find inside The Club:

  • Marci Shimoff sharing strategies for living every day in a state of elation, from her book “Happy for No Reason”
  • Dr Burry Foss explaining how “Human Design” is one of the best systems for understanding yourself, once & for all, so you can unleash your TRUE potential!
  • Paul Scheele on the importance and power of “surrendering” and “letting go”.
  • Arielle Ford discussing her “SoulMate Secret” and helps you understand EXACTLY what to do if you want to experience “the romance OF a lifetime, FOR a lifetime”.
  • Deirdre Hade sharing with us on the topics of “Gratitude”, “Energy”, and “Vibration”.

...all this, and so much more, presented to you in short, “bite-sized” video chunks of about 5-10 minutes each. (So you needn’t watch an entire interview in one sitting if you’re pressed for time.)

This is no “one size fits all” program, a square hole into which we wedge every round peg, but rather a multi-faceted resource library supporting you regardless where you are in your life, or where you want to go. With such an incredible selection of carefully-crafted exercises, coaching sessions, and other resources, you are free to use whatever best fits YOUR needs.


"I congratulate you and thank you for creating such a wonderfully powerful technology. Since joining, it has had a profound impact in such a huge positive way not only in my personal life but also very importantly in my business life where the biggest impact has been made and felt. Before I joined the Club I was experiencing some major challenges within my career which was also having an impact not only on me personally but also those in my circle of love, now after absorbing your content every thing has moved from a potential bottom out zero to sky's the limit hero. Words alone couldn't express my heart felt appreciation for your gift and your work."
- Kerrion P

“I have changed so much since joining the i am gr8ful club. Watching Enriching Visions has made me so much more positive. Ideas are coming to me, and I'm actually taking action! The info is awesome. I truly am gr8ful for the i am gr8ful club.”

- Bec M.


“Since joining the i am gr8ful club, I've been looking forward to watching the Enriching Visions movie every day. It has helped me focus on various goals and has installed a greater confidence in me to look forward, aim high, and to be a better person.”

- Alan P

“I was looking to implement better habits into my life. I knew there was much more to me but couldn't find the key. Here, I can stay focused, and achieve the changes I want in my life. Gratitude is powerful – try it on and be amazed by the positive emotions.”

- Rory C

The i am gr8ful Club Gold Pass membership regularly costs “other people” $397.00 for the year – and they consider it a tremendous bargain (as witnessed by our high rate of renewals). But YOU are getting it absolutely FREE when you get Enriching Visions PLUS before the deadline.

And finally...

You’ll also receive this tremendous MEGA collection of
FAST-ACTION Bonus Gifts worth THOUSANDS of dollars
...absolutely FREE!

In all areas of Life, any opportunity is only as good as the action you put behind it. You know that … and we know it too. “He who hesitates” may not be lost … but he (or she) certainly loses out on far more of the good things in Life!

That’s why we’re making it so easy for you to say “YES!” to acting on THIS opportunity now, while it’s still fresh in your mind, and before the pressures of the day push it to the back burner.

In a loving show of support for Enriching Visions PLUS, and to encourage you to start acting on your dreams right now ... many of our friends and associates, as well as our own Club Coaches, are donating literally THOUSANDS of DOLLARS worth of incredible Bonus Gifts, chosen especially for you, such as:

● Online courses ●  Audio recordings ● Intuitive readings
● Meditations ● Videos ● Self-assessments ● Webinars ● E-books
● Transcripts ● Workbooks ● Teleseminars ● Music ● Journals
● Coaching sessions ● Screen-savers well as discounts on a number of other products!

Honestly, I’m both amazed and humbled by the number of people coming forward and offering to help make this launch – and your experience with Enriching Visions PLUS – such a huge success!

People like:

Paul Scheele ● Marci Shimoff ● Chris and Janet Attwood
● Peggy McColl ● Christine Arylo ● Paul Hoffman ● Colette Baron Reid
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